Give the numbering of the work within a series in the terms given on the work or in other sources.  Use abbreviations as instructed in AACR2, Appendix B and numerals as instructed in AACR2, Appendix C.

245 04 $a The Voyager encounters / $c produced by the Center for Aerospace Education, Drew University.

440 #0 $a Space disc ; $v 1

245 00 $a Eye and camera / $c produced by Gerald F. Noxon and Peter J. Chvany.

490 0# $a Film thru film ; $v no. 5

245 00 $a Art in America : $b folk art / $c Handel Film Corp. ; producer, director, and writer, Irene Zmurkevych.

490 1# $a Americana series ; $v no. 27

830 #0 $a Americana series (Handel Film Corporation) ; $v no. 27.
(Series number appears on film as no. XXVII.)

Retain roman numerals if the substitution of arabic numerals makes the statement less clear, as, for example, when roman and arabic numerals are used in conjunction to distinguish a series, episode, or group from the number, part, or other division of that group and there is no term associated with the designation of the number, part, or other division.  When roman numerals are retained, write them in upper case.

245 00 $a In search of cool ground / $c Public Media Productions.

490 0# $a Disappearing world ; $v vol. IV, 4

If the work has a designation other than a number, give the designation as found.

245 04 $a The Greek and Roman world / $c Society for Visual  Education ; writer and consultant, Joseph Chada.

440 #0 $a SVE ancient history program ; $v vol. B

If the title proper of the work is numbered, record its number as part of the title proper and not as part of the series statement.

245 00 $a At the Autumn River camp. $n Part 1 / $c Universal Education and Visual Arts.

440 #0 $a Netsilik Eskimos series ; $v no. 10

See 1B1 for series which are both numbered and intended to be viewed consecutively.

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