Give a list of the individual parts, segments, sequences, etc., of a moving image work.  Contents notes should be given for newsreels or newsreel segments, newsfilm, magazine format programs, unedited footage, compilation works, home movies that consist of separate events, and any other works that consist of several parts.  Include data such as titles on the work, footage, and copyright information.  Separate each segment with a space, dash (or two hyphens), space.

245 00 $a Pathé news. $n [Excerpts no. 6].

505 0# $a "Newest U.S. submarine goes into commission," Pathé news. No. 60 1921 (160 ft.) -- "Span of new Memorial Bridge to connect N.H. and Maine," Pathé news. No. 57 1923 (72 ft.) -- "Celebrate 300th anniversary of settling of Portsmouth," Pathé news. No. 69 1923 (99 ft.) -- "World's largest sub takes first plunge," Pathé news. No. 93 1927, © 21Nov27; MP4478 (134 ft.) -- "New Memorial Bridge between N.H. and Maine!" Pathé news. No. 70 1923 (105 ft.) -- "Launch largest submarine cruiser," Pathé sound news. No. 1 1930, © 29Dec29; MP1025 (80 ft.).

245 00 $a Omnibus. $n I, vol. 4 / $c the TV-Radio Workshop of the Ford Foundation ; executive producer, Robert Saudek.

505 0# $a Dance madness / director, Jean-Benoit Levy ; choreography, Leone Mail ; performers, Claude Bessy and Jean Guelis (11 min.) -- The Christmas tie / writer, William Saroyan ; cast, Helen Hayes and Burgess Meredith (21 min.).

245 00 $a [Antigua, Guatemala, ca. 1927--Eugene and Agnes Meyer-- home movies].

505 0# $a Reel 1. Fiesta in Antigua: people dancing ballroom style in the street, wearing lifelike masks, top hats, curls; scenes of others watching the dancers; one man and several women riding horses painted with small spots; parade with floats passes in the street -- Reel 2. Fiesta in Antigua: masked dancers; scenes of musicians playing flutes, bass fiddles, xylophones -- Reel 3. Marketplace in Antigua: scenes of women with baskets and other bundles on their heads and children on their backs; scenes of a group of men all wearing the same type of hat -- Reel 4. Marketplace in Antigua: exterior of a church; scene inside the marketplace where many pigs are seen; a pack of mules passes.

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