Notes should be made when information is uncertain or unknown or when sources of information conflict.  Notes relating to titles should always be included, except for cataloger-supplied titles.  Make a note to justify variant title added entries and to cite the source for a summary, which is completely or partially quoted.  All other notes are optional.

Notes may also be given when additional explanation is needed.  If there is no specific note to record information, put the information in a general note.

It is not necessary to make a note simply to cite a source for information not taken from the work being cataloged or for cataloger-supplied information.  All reference sources consulted for cataloging may be consolidated in one note.  See 7B25.

If there is more than one set of elements in the physical description area, specify the set to which the note(s) refers.

500 ## $a Reel 4 of master pos lacks color sequence at 57-95 ft. $5 DLC (Use institution’s local code.)

Long titles may be abridged after the first five words using ellipses.

Optionally, an archive may deem it necessary to make notes about each data element not taken from the work being cataloged.


7B1.  Viewing

7B2.  Language

7B3.  Source of title proper

7B4.  Variant and other titles

7B5.  Credits

7B6.  Participants or performers

7B7.  Trade names

7B8.  Sponsors

7B9.  Clarification of statements of responsibility

7B10.  Copyright registration information

7B11.  Production, distribution, release, broadcast

7B12.  Country of production

7B13.  General physical description

7B14.  Incomplete works

7B15.  Running time and/or length

7B16.  Projection characteristics

7B17.  Sound characteristics

7B18.  Color characteristics

7B19.  Multiple copies

7B20.  Preservation

7B21.  Accompanying material

7B22.  Series

7B23.  Dissertations

7B24.  Intended audience and rating designations

7B25.  Sources and reviews

7B26.  Other available formats

7B27.  Summary

7B28.  Contents

7B29.  Numbers associated with the work

7B30.  Holdings

7B31.  With notes

7B32.  Censorship

7B33.  Awards

7B34.  Collection name

7B35.  Restrictions on viewing

7B36.  Terms governing use

7B37.  Source of acquisitions/Provenance

7B38.  Location of related materials not held by the archive

7B39.  Publications

See also:

7.  Note Area