Make notes relating to the history of a moving image work and its versions, editions, rereleases, or reissues, etc.

500 ## $a Short version of work of the same title originally released in 1965.

500 ## $a Version information (re-editing and new narration) from copyright descriptive material.

500 ## $a Based on the novel by Grace Miller White.

500 ## $a Remake of the 1941 motion picture Here comes Mr. Jordan.

500 ## $a Title is Ten nights in a bar room; however, several versions of this film were produced between 1909-1931. This work is probably the 1921 version, but due to unclear plot summaries and lack of copyright descriptive material, date cannot be verified.

500 ## $a Paragon Films is responsible for the re-editing, according to telephone call to Time-Life, Oct. 10, 1982.

500 ## $a Music and effects track added in 1930 for theaters equipped for sound.

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