This rule covers published reviews and descriptions and the formal "Sources used" note, which may include unpublished sources.

All reference sources consulted for cataloging may be consolidated in one formal note.  Start the note with the introductory words "Source(s) used," followed by a colon, space.  Separate citations with a semicolon, space.  It is not necessary to repeat citations which already appear in other notes.

500 ## $a Sources used: Internet movie data base, 3/29/1998; New York times, 3/25/1998.

500 ## $a Sources used: M/B/RS copyright description; M/B/RS acquisition files.

Make a separate note for the source of a title if it does not appear on the work being cataloged.  Make a separate note to justify variant title added entries.  Make a separate note for a summary completely or partially quoted from a source.

Optionally, an archive may deem it necessary to make a separate note for every source cited.

Published reviews or descriptions may be cited in a separate note.

510 4# $a Variety, $c 10/29/1978, p. 2.

510 4# $a Motion picture herald, $c 10/5/1935, p. 35, $3 but this review appears to be for British release.

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