For archives that choose to make their acquisition information available to users, give the provenance or method of acquisition of the work in a note.  Cite date of receipt, method of acquisition (gift, purchase, deposit, loan, etc.), and source of the material, unless it is obvious from other data in the bibliographic record or by the nature of the collection of moving image materials.

541 ## $d Received: 11/25/1972; $c copyright deposit.

541 ## $d Received: 5/15/1982; $c gift; $a from the estate of John Smith; for paperwork, see Smith, John Collection file.

541 ## $d Received: 6/6/1981; $3 neg copied from nitrate print; $c loan; $a by the Museum of Modern Art.

541 ## $d Received: 8/3/1981; $3 answer print; $a archive lab.

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