Record copyright registration information in a note if it is considered important to the archive.  If rereleases or reissues are copyrighted separately from the original work, then make additional copyright notes for each.  For copyright registration information for versions and editions, see 2F.

The first element of the copyright statement note is the word "Copyright" followed by a colon, space.  Do not include the name of the country of registration.

500 ## $a Copyright:

Optionally, use a "c" enclosed in parentheses, (c), or the copyright symbol, ©, as the first element of the copyright statement.  Follow the (c) or © by a colon, space.

Optionally, include the name of the country to which the statement refers following the introductory word "Copyright" and a colon, space.  Follow the name of the country by a space, colon, space.

500 ## $a Copyright: United States : Twentieth Century Film Corporation.

Record the copyright registration information in the same order and format as it appears in the copyright documentation.

500 ## $a Copyright: Monogram Pictures Corp.; 2Oct39; LP9166.

500 ## $a Copyright: Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation. DCR 1979; PUB 18Sep79; REG 25Nov80; PA89-508.

500 ## $a Copyright: Reflective Image, Inc. Prev.: Motion picture footage preexisting. NM: compilation of footage and all other cinematographic material. DCR 1995; PUB 10Oct95; REG 29Aug95; PA772-179.

Optionally, the archive may choose to omit portions of lengthy copyright statements.  Such omissions do not require ellipses.


7B10.1.  Multiple copyright registrations

7B10.2.  Unregistered materials

7B10.3.  Copyright status unknown or unverified

See also:

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