Most of these examples are cataloged at the second level of cataloging.  See 0E2.  Most do not include subject, genre, or name added entries.  Do not take these examples or the form in which they are presented as rules.

List of Examples:

1.  Early short

2.  Re-edited and reissued version

3.  Theatrical release

4.  Early short with a questionable title

5.  Documentary

6.  Unidentified early work with cataloger-supplied title

7.  British release - reissued in the U.S.

Examples 8 and 9:  Original and re-edited release

8.  Original British release

9.  Re-edited U.S. release version

10.  Episode of a television series

11.  Episode of a television mini-series

12.  Episode of a television series with commercials

13.  Feature that was re-edited for broadcast as part of a television series

14.  Television special - documentary

15.  Individual work in a technical series with a subseries

16.  Home movie

17.  Television news

18.  Edited newsreel excerpts from one newsreel company

19.  Edited newsreel clips from different newsreel companies

20.  Unedited work with a supplied title

21.  Work without a collective title; multiple works with no predominant part

22.  Unedited work with a supplied title

23.  Unidentified work with a supplied title

Examples 24 and 25:  International co-production

24.  International co-production - original

25.  International co-production - subtitled version

26.  Work with a collective title

27.  Work with a supplied title

28.  Work associated with a titled work

29.  Television commercial with a supplied title

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