Special notes may relate to provenance, collection arrangements and complexities, restrictions and access, finding aids, scope, and content.  Description of content is accomplished both through the use of notes, particularly the contents note and the summary note, and through the preparation of separate finding aids.  See C3.1.  Only those notes with a special relevance to collection-level cataloging are listed in these guidelines.


C4.5.1.  Biographical/Historical

C4.5.2.  Contents

C4.5.3.  Summary

C4.5.4.  Finding aids

C4.5.5.  Restrictions on viewing

C4.5.6.  Terms governing use

C4.5.7.  Preferred citation of collections in sources

C4.5.8.  Source of acquisitions/Provenance

C4.5.9.  Location of related materials not held by the archive

See also:

Appendix C4.  Descriptive cataloging

Appendix C:  Collection-Level Cataloging