C1.  Selection

C2.  Arrangement

C2.1.  Organized at time of receipt

C2.2.  Not organized at time of receipt

C2.3.  Materials originally intended for item-level treatment

C3.  Description

C3.1.  Finding aids

C4.  Descriptive cataloging

C4.1.  Title

C4.2.  Distribution, release, broadcast

C4.3.  Physical description

C4.4.  Organization and arrangement of materials field

C4.5.  Notes

C5.  Subject and genre added entry headings

C6.  Personal name and corporate body added entry headings

C6.1.  Location

C6.2.  Electronic location and access of finding aids

C7.  Cataloging divided into more than one record

C7.1.  Title

C7.2.  Distribution, release, broadcast

C7.3.  Physical description

C7.4.  Notes

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