The work itself is considered the preferred source of information.

There is no longer any distinction made between "major" and "minor" change versions:  whenever deliberate modifications are made to the contents of the original manifestation of a work, these new works are considered versions and each is cataloged separately from the original work.

Because works in another language and/or script will now be treated as versions, parallel titles will no longer be used.

An option to use a main entry other than the title proper has been added.

Rules for structuring supplied titles have been expanded.

Expanded lists of terms related to physical description are given.

Guidance on providing access points, such as personal name added entries and uniform titles, is included in Appendix A.

Rules for collection-level cataloging are included in Appendix C.

Many of the M/B/RS rule interpretations and policy decisions, which were developed for moving image materials during the 15 years since the publication of AMIM, have been incorporated into the rules.

Other important changes include:

expanded rules for the statement of responsibility

expanded rules for television materials

new rule for works with a collective title

elimination of "umbrella" series

MARC 21 tagged examples

reorganized and renumbered sections within chapters

updated and expanded appendices, glossary, and index

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