The following documents the changes contained in the nineteenth update to the 2000 edition of MARC 21 Format for Community Information.  Update No. 19 (October 2014) includes changes resulting from proposals that were considered by the MARC 21 community during June 2014.

Changes in repeatability:

Subfield codes

$g  Miscellaneous information changed to Repeatable (R) in:

100 (Primary Name - Personal)

110 (Primary Name - Corporate)

111 (Primary Name - Meeting)

246 (Varying Form of Title)

247 (Former Title)

600 (Subject Added Entry - Personal Name)

610 (Subject Added Entry - Corporate Name)

611 (Subject Added Entry - Meeting Name)

700 (Added Entry - Personal Name)

710 (Added Entry - Corporate Name)

711 (Added Entry - Meeting Name)

$m  Miscellaneous information changed to Repeatable (R) in:

311 (Meeting Rooms and Facilities Available)

312 (Equipment Available)

See also:

Appendix F:  Format Change Lists