Definition and scope:

The note fields contain textual information about the scope of the classification number in field 153 (Classification Number) and instruction for classifiers in the use of classification numbers.  Except for field 680 (Scope Note), which is intended for display to public catalog users in addition to guiding classifiers, these notes often are not written in a form adequate for public user display.

All note fields except 681 (Classification Example Tracing Note) are provided with subfield $8 (Field link and sequence number) to link and sequence fields in the proper order when the maintenance of a certain order is vital for the application and understanding of the instructions.

Footnotes containing instructions that apply to several classification numbers are converted to the appropriate 6XX or 76X field.

Specific field information:

For information on content designators (indicators and subfield code definitions and examples) field and subfield repeatability, and input conventions for any of the 6XX fields, select from the list below:

673  Segmented Classification Number  (NR)

674  Segmentation Instruction  (R)

680  Scope Note  (R)

681  Classification Example Tracing Note  (R)

683  Application Instruction Note  (R)

684  Auxiliary Instruction Note  (R)

685  History Note  (R)

686  Relationship to Source Note  (R)

Content designator history:

673  Segmented Classification Number  [new, 2008]

674  Segmentation Instruction  [new, 2008]

See also:

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