In order to accommodate the new category of integrating resources, code "i" has been defined in the bibliographic level (leader/07) of the leader in the MARC 21 Format for Bibliographic Data.  The code is used for serial, monograph, and integrating resources.  The continuing resources 008 fixed field (previously called "serials") is used for serials and integrating resources that are predominantly textual in content and coded type of record code "a" for language material.  In order to accommodate integrating resources, new codes have been added to the serials 008, such as a new frequency code for continuously updated.

Implementation of code "i" for integrating resources was completed in June 2006.  An interim PCC procedure was used for textual integrating resources prior to that.  Interim records were coded bibliographic level "m" (monograph) and a continuing resources field 006 was added to code continuing aspects of the resource.

The interim procedure was superseded June 2006 when catalogers began to create records for textual integrating resources using bibliographic level code "i," type of record code "a" (language material), and the continuing resource 008.  However, CONSER and BIBCO members will not be able to authenticate bibliographic level "i" records until details regarding authentication codes and distribution through LC and CDS are worked out.  In addition, CONSER and BIBCO members are also asked to not convert any LC records created under the interim practice, or any LC monograph records for integrating resources created before 2002, until LC finishes its plans for converting and distributing them.

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