Area 4 in an AACR2 record is called the Publication, distribution, etc. area. (1) Data given in this area may include the place(s) of publication, name(s) of publisher(s), beginning and/or ending dates of publication and/or the place and name of the manufacturer (e.g., the printer), and the date of manufacture. In an outline record, the publication, distribution, etc. area is given in field 260.

Recording the place and name of publisher in a serial record is very similar to recording this information in monograph records; however, there are significant differences in the recording of dates, as explained in this module. The data is input in the following order: place of publication, name of publisher/ distributor, date(s) of publication, and place, name, and date of manufacture (when given). This module will begin with the publisher, however, since the selection of the publisher determines the selection of the place of publication.

This module will discuss:

Where to take the information from and when to use brackets

What constitutes a publisher or distributor

Selecting and recording the name of the publisher(s) and distributors

Selecting and recording the place of publication

Recording the beginning/ending date of publication when the first/last issue is in hand.

How and when to record the printer

How to handle changes that occur on later issues

10.1. Sources and bracketing

10.2. Publishers and distributors

10.3. Place of publication

10.4. Dates of publication

10.5. Place, name, and date of manufacture

10.6. Changes in the place, publisher or date of publication


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