Record the publisher from a formal publishing statement when one appears on the piece.

If the publisher is an issuing body that has also been recorded in the title and statement of responsibility area, it may be abbreviated (AACR2 1.4D4).

Omit words such as "publisher" or "published by" unless there is a compound statement such as "published by ... for ..." (AACR2 1.4D2).

If the name of the publisher is given in more than one language, record only the name as given in the language of the title proper (AACR2 1.4D2).

Record the name of a person as publisher only when there is not corporate body responsible and the person is presented as publisher.

When recording the name of a serial as publisher, capitalize the words according to the rules for capitalization of corporate bodies.

Record the distributor statement as it appears; if it does not include wording that indicates the function, add "[distributor]" at the end of the statement (AACR2 1.4E1).

Place of publication:

Record the place that is given with a formal publishing statement.

If more than one place is given for a single publisher, record the first and any subsequent place that is in the home country when the first is not (AACR2 1.4C5).

Record the local place as it appears on the piece; include or omit the higher jurisdiction as necessary (AACR2 1.4C1, 1.4C3).

Supply the higher jurisdiction in its English form if the name of the place is not distinctive or is not well known (AACR2 1.4C3).

If there is no place, supply a probable place, if possible (AACR2 1.4C6).

Dates of publication:

Record the beginning or ending dates only when the first or last issue is in hand.

Record a publication date or copyright date from anywhere in the piece without the use of brackets. If a place is supplied based on the chronological designation, give it in brackets.


Record the printer only when a publisher has not been recorded.

See also:

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