Many of the notes commonly given in serial records are discussed in other modules. This module will focus on the general aspects of notes, will take a further look at the most commonly used serial notes, and will discuss notes that are not covered elsewhere. Notes relating to linking relationships (fields 580, 765-787) are covered separately in Module 14.

This module will discuss:

Why we make notes

A general philosophy concerning notes

How notes are constructed for serial records

How and when to use designations in notes

LC/CONSER conventions applying to notes

Specific notes

Chart - Notes Used in Serial Records - Rules, Tags, Coverage in CCM

13.1. Purpose and philosophy of notes used in serial records

13.2. Constructing notes for serial records

13.3. Frequency notes (fields 310/321)

13.4. Numbering peculiarities notes (field 515)

13.5. Issuing bodies notes

13.6. Language notes (field 546)

13.7. Contents notes (field 500 or 520)

13.8. Editors notes (field 500)

13.9. Other notes


See also:

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