Following are the areas in which a change may require the creation of a new record:

Title (AACR2 21.2A1/LCRI 21.2A, 21.2C1/LCRI 21.2C)

Corporate body when used as the main entry heading (AACR2 21.3B1)

Corporate body when used as a qualifier in a uniform title (LCRI 21.3B)

Uniform title for a translation or language edition (LCRI 21.3B)

Numeric designation (LCRI 12.3G)

Physical format (LCRI 21.3B)

The first two categories are covered by rules in AACR2, categories 3-6 are covered by LC rule interpretations. Changes in title are the most common and also the most difficult to determine. When AACR2 was first adopted almost any change in the first five words constituted a title change. Over the years AACR2 21.2A and the LCRI have been modified to limit the creation of new records to those situations in which a significant change impacts on searching, retrieval, and maintenance of the serial. The new guidelines eliminate the need to create records to accommodate less significant changes. When a significant change occurs, a new record is created according to the principles of successive entry cataloging (see Module 1).

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