Two situations are possible:

The name of the body given as main entry has changed

A different body becomes responsible for the serial (this situation occurs less often).

The main entry heading may be a corporate body, conference, or person (see Module 4). The most common situation is a change in the name of a corporate body. Since personal main entry is restricted to situations in which a person is likely to be the only author, changes in personal entry are rare.

When a corporate body/conference heading used in a main entry changes, make a new record under the new body according to AACR2 21.3B. The title may or may not have changed as well. Example:

Note: An issuing bodies note (550) may be given in conjunction with a corporate body main entry only to note other bodies that are jointly responsible, sponsoring bodies, etc. Do not give a 550 note to indicate changes in the responsible body (i.e., main entry).

See also:

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