Introduction, Discussion Points, References, and Definitions of Terms

4.1.  Background

4.1.1.  Definition

4.1.2.  Manual catalogs and printed products

4.1.3.  Online catalogs

4.1.4.  Considerations regarding main entry and choice of corporate body

4.1.5.  AACR2 21.1B2

4.1.6.  The decision process

4.2.  Is there a named corporate body given on the piece?

4.2.1.  Definition and sources

4.2.2.  Commercial publishers

4.2.3.  Programs and projects

4.3.  Does the serial emanate from the corporate body?

4.4.  Does the serial fall into one of the categories under AACR2 21.1B2?

4.4.1.  Category A:  "Those of an administrative nature dealing with the corporate body itself"

4.4.2.  Category C:  "Those that record the collective thought of the body"

4.4.3.  Category D:  "Conferences, exhibitions, and ad hoc events"

4.4.4.  In case of doubt, enter under the title

4.5.  Under which body should it be entered?

4.6.  Is there a person solely responsible for the serial?

4.7.  When to enter under title

4.8.  Corporate body and personal name added entries

4.8.1.  Introduction

4.8.2.  Persons

4.8.3.  Corporate bodies


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