" Emanation" is a term which has confused new--and experienced!--catalogers for years.  A publication is defined as "emanating" from a corporate body if 1) it is issued by the corporate body, 2) it is caused to be issued by the corporate body, or 3) the contents originate with the corporate body.  Basically, "emanation" can be reduced to the question:  is the corporate body responsible for the existence of the serial?  If so, the serial emanates from the corporate body.  Therefore, once you have determined that you have a prominently named corporate body you can, in most cases, assume that the serial emanates from the corporate body.  Note that according to LCRI 21.1B2 , in cases of doubt, consider the publication to emanate from the corporate body.

A publication does not emanate from a body when the body is just the subject of the issue.  For example, a report issued by one body that is about another would usually go under title.  It could not go under the first because it is not about the first body, nor could it be entered under the second because it does not "emanate" from the second.  Common examples are reports by auditing bodies such as the U.S. General Accounting Office, which reports on the activities and management of other agencies.  LC, however, considers strictly financial audit reports to fall under category 2) above and enters them under the audited body.


Both of these serials emanate from a corporate body that is given on the chief source in a similar position.  The choice of main entry for these serials will be different, however, because of the subject matter (see CCM 4.4.).

110 2# $a American Anthropological Association

245 10 $a AAA guide.

245 00 $a Georgia's new and expanding industries.


The Federal Yellow Book (Figure 4.9.) does not emanate from a corporate body.  The book is about the U.S. government but is published by a commercial publisher.  There is also no indication that any particular agency of the government caused it to be issued.  Therefore, this serial would be entered under title.


245 00 $a Federal yellow book.

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