When deciding whether a serial emanates from a body and whether it is about the body, it is sometimes necessary to decide which body.

If there are two or more separate corporate bodies performing the same function, apply AACR2 21.6B or 21.6C; most often entry will be under the first named body.

If there are several names given that comprise the hierarchy of one corporate body (i.e., parent and subordinate bodies), enter under the part of the body that the serial is about.  For instance, enter under the parent body when the subordinate body has prepared the content but the report relates to the activities of the parent body.  (LCRI 21.1B2 ).

To determine which body the serial is about, consider the nature of the contents and look for any statements in the item that clearly indicate which body the report is about.

For instance, if the title page has both a parent and subordinate body and the preface indicates that this is the annual report of the parent body, enter under the parent body and make an added entry for the subordinate body.

If both bodies appear prominently in the same source and there is no clear indication which body the report is about, enter under the heading for the subordinate body.  However, keep in mind, that for budgets of a jurisdiction (city, state, country, etc.), the jurisdiction is the appropriate main entry, even though a subordinate body prepared and issued the budget.  Make an added entry for the body that prepared the work and give this body in the statement of responsibility, if presented as such on the piece.


In Figure 4.19., "The State of Alaska" is presented above the title and a subordinate body is given as the producer.  The report is about the performance of the state as a whole, not about the subordinate body; thus, entry is under the state.  An added entry is given for the subordinate body.


110 1# $a Alaska.

245 10 $a Performance report / $c the State of Alaska ; produced by the Office of the Governor, Division of Policy.

710 1# $a Alaska. $b Office of the Governor. $b Division of Policy.


The introduction to the serial in Fig. 4.20. states that this is the annual report of Central Services.  The publication is prepared by Policy & Finance which is stated prominently.  Entry is under Central Services and an added entry is given to Policy & Finance.

If cataloged from this issue, it would be:

110 1# $a Oregon. $b Dept. of Transportation. $b Central Services.

245 10 $a Comprehensive annual financial report for the fiscal year ... / $c State of Oregon, Department of Transportation, Central Services  ; report prepared by Department of Transportation, Policy & Finance.

710 1# $a Oregon. $b Dept. of Transportation. $b Policy & Finance.

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