Most serials are entered under title.

To be considered eligible for main entry, a corporate body must be named and is usually presented on a prominent source.

A serial is entered under a corporate body only when the serial emanates from the body and fits one of the categories under AACR2 21.1B2.

The distinctiveness of words in the title is not a deciding factor when determining the main entry.

Most persons given on a serial are considered to be editors or compilers and, thus, are not considered eligible for main entry or an added entry.

When a parent and subordinate body are represented on the chief source and the serial fits one of the categories under AACR2 21.1B2, enter under the body that is the subject of the serial.

Give added entries for persons that are not editors, and corporate bodies hat are not commercial publishers, if they appear prominently on the piece.

When a corporate body is given as main entry and the corporate body changes or its name changes, create a new record (see Module 16).

See also:

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