Headings for persons are established according to the rules in AACR2 Chapter 22. Enter persons under the name by which they are commonly known (AACR2 22.1A). When establishing names of persons who are authors or compilers of serials, in most cases, give the name as it appears on the piece (e.g., Jorgenson, Sven I., Ramsey, W.W., etc.). The entry element is the part of the name under which the person would be listed alphabetically in his or her own language or country (AACR2 22.4A). The entry for most persons is the surname (AACR2 22.5A1). For instructions pertaining to compound surnames and hyphenated surnames, see AACR2 22.5C. To determine whether to include or drop an article or preposition from a surname, see AACR2 22.5D.

Add dates of birth, death, etc. to the name when it would otherwise be the same as another person’s name (AACR2 22.17A). Other additions may include the fuller form of the name (AACR2 22.18) or distinguishing terms (AACR2 22.19). For special rules for names in certain languages, see AACR2 22.21-22.28.

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