Name headings include persons, places, and corporate bodies. Corporate bodies are used in serials as main and added entries and as qualifiers for uniform titles. They are, by far, the primary name heading access point for serials and are the type of heading that serials catalogers are most likely to use. Persons may be given as main entry (rarely) or as an added entry, but in most cases are not given access in serial records. Place names are most often used in conjunction with corporate bodies, either as a jurisdiction used as the entry element or as a qualifier. Most place names are already established in the Name Authority File.

This module focuses on the rules that are most often applied for corporate bodies. It discusses how to determine the form of a heading and how to interpret but not to set up a name authority record. Also not covered are rules for cross references (AACR2 chapter 26) and specific rules for special types of corporate bodies (AACR2 24.20-24.47).

This module will discuss:

Personal and geographic name headings: an overview

An order for applying the rules/LCRIs for corporate body headings

How to determine which form of the heading to use when there is more than one

How to determine when a corporate body should be entered subordinately

How to determine whether part of a hierarchy can be omitted

How to determine when and how to qualify the name of a corporate body

How to establish conference headings and headings for meetings

How to determine a change in name

18.1. Personal name headings

18.2. Geographic name headings

18.3. Corporate body name headings. Introduction

18.4. Variant forms of the name

18.5. Names entered directly and names entered subordinately

18.6. Omissions and additions (qualifiers)

18.7. Conference headings

18.8. Changes in the name of a corporate body


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