Geographic names are established according to the rules in AACR2 Chapter 23. Use the English form of the name, when available (AACR2 23.2A1); use the vernacular form when the English form is not available (AACR2 23.2B1). Establish a new heading each time a name changes (AACR2 23.3A).

Add the name of the larger jurisdiction to cities and other places below the state level. For names of cities in the U.S., Canada, Australia, and Malaysia, add the abbreviated form of the name of the state, province, or territory (AACR2 23.4B1/LCRI); e.g., Vancouver (B.C.), San Francisco (Calif.), etc., but do not qualify names of states, provinces, or territories in these countries (AACR2 23.4C1); e.g., New South Wales, not New South Wales (Aust.). For names of cities in Great Britain, add England, Scotland, Ireland, or Wales (AACR2 23.4D2); e.g., Cambridge (England), Edinburgh (Scotland), etc. For all other cities, qualify with the name of the country (AACR2 23.4E1); e.g., Madras (India), Paris (France), etc. Give the name of the larger jurisdiction in its current form (LCRI 23.4B1); e.g., Salisbury (Zsimbabwe), not Salisbury (Rhodesia). For further additions that may be made to distinguish otherwise identical names, see AACR2 23.4F.

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