When there are variant forms of the name on the serial, prefer the form found on the chief source or the sources listed in AACR2 24.3.

When a name is part of a corporate hierarchy, determine first whether it is a government or non-government body.

Test names of non-government bodies against the types in AACR2 24.13; test government bodies against the types in AACR2 24.18.

If a name is not one of the types, enter it directly under its own name and consider whether a qualifier is needed (AACR2 24.4C).

Some names entered directly are always qualified (e.g., those that conflict with another, government bodies other than institutions), others are qualified when considered useful (e.g., government institutions, non-government bodies).

When a name is entered subordinately, consider whether part of the hierarchy can be omitted, according to AACR2 24.14 and 24.19.

A conference heading must be names in order to be established as a corporate body.

Names such as "Meeting" or "Conference" constitute conference names but are entered subordinate to the corporate body because they are very general in nature (AACR2 24.13/24.18 type 3).

If the name appears on the piece in a form different from that found on the Name Authority File or on other pieces, consider whether the name has changes (AACR2 24.1C).

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