A corporate body entered under its own name is qualified when:

a. The name does not convey the idea of a corporate body. AACR2 24.4B/LCRI):

Among names included in this category are firms that consist of a person’s name, ships, galleries, and performing groups. Corporate bodies found on serials that are most likely to need such a qualifier include business firms, projects, and programs.

The qualifier in such headings generally consist of one or two descriptive words that identify the name as a corporate body (e.g., firm, gallery, program, etc.). Give the qualifying words in English, regardless of the language of the heading.

Note: "Firm" is usually added to for-profit companies while "Organization" is usually added to non-profit bodies. Example:

b. The name CONFLICTS with that of another body (AACR2 24.4C/LCRI):

Any time two corporate bodies have the same name (excluding variant forms found in cross references), assign a qualifier to each (LCRI 24.4C). (2) This may require revising an existing heading. The qualifier may consist of the place in which the body is located, the jurisdiction under which it pertains, or the name of a higher body entered directly under its own name. Example:

Categories c. and d. below cover situations in which qualifiers may be added when there is NO CONFLICT. One of the criteria is whether or not the body is an institution. Catalogers sometimes consider an institution to be a body that can have a physical plant: e.g., schools, observatories, laboratories, hospitals, museums, etc. (3) Example:

Corporate bodies that are not institutions and do not usually fit a type under AACR2 24.13 or AACR2 24.18 include: societies, centers, councils, projects, programs, trusts, corporations, and some institutes. Example:

c. A government body (other than an institution) has been entered under its own name:

Government bodies that are not institutions include centers, programs and projects, government-funded corporations, etc. (For a discussion on what constitutes a government body, see CCM 18.5.2.c.) Always qualify such bodies with the name of the jurisdiction unless the jurisdiction is already present in the name. The presence of proper nouns does not matter. Example:

d. Any other corporate body entered under its own name:

This category includes non-government bodies and government institutions. Add a qualifier when it will "assist in the understanding of the nature or purpose of the body." For example, when a name contains a word such as "national" and no indication of the country or other distinctive elements, the country or jurisdiction is often considered useful. Note that this is a matter of cataloger’s judgment. Example:

See also:

18.6. Omissions and additions (qualifiers)