The following guidelines for choice of qualifier cover those situations not given explicitly in CCM 18.6.2.

a. Place or jurisdiction:

The place (i.e., the city in which a body is located) or the jurisdiction (i.e., area over which a body has governance) is, in most cases, the most appropriate qualifier. Give the name of the place in its established form. Use the current form of the name (as established in the Name Authority File), regardless of what is on the piece, and update the name when it changes.

b. Institution:

If a body is subordinate to an institution, generally use the name of the institution, rather than the place, as the qualifier (AACR2 24.4C7). Give the name in its established form but if the parent body has been qualified, omit this qualifier (LCRI 24.4C7). Example:

c. Year:

Use the year of founding when the place does not distinguish the bodies (AACR2 24.4C8).

d. Other additions:

Any other appropriate term may be used in English when none of the above can be used.

See also:

18.6. Omissions and additions (qualifiers)