31.6.1.  Title proper

Transcribe the title according to the rules found in AACR2 Chapters 1, 9, and 12, and the directions in CCM Module 6.  Determine the title proper based on information taken from the chief source (see CCM 31.3).  Prefer a source associated with the first or earliest issue, focusing on formally presented statements.  Use other sources such as the home page, menu listings, etc. if no formal source associated with the first or earliest issue can be found.  The running title on a PDF article can be used when earlier titles are not displayed prominently on the Web site.  This enables the creation of a record for the online version that corresponds to records for print title changes (see 31.3.3).  Sometimes the cataloger will need to supply a title within brackets per AACR2 9.0B1 and 9.7B3.

Per  AACR2 1.1B do not record words that serve as an introduction and are not intended to be part of the title, such as "Welcome to."  The title may be noted and treated as a variant title per AACR2 1.1B1 and 1.7B4.

245 00 $a Python journal $h [electronic resource].

246 1# $i Title on home page appears as: $a Welcome to python journal

500 ## $a Title from home page (viewed Apr 9, 2002).

31.6.2.  General material designation (GMD)

Include the GMD "electronic resource" in brackets in subfield $h following the title proper.  Do not use the GMD "interactive multimedia" for serials that meet the definition found in the ALA Guidelines for Bibliographic Description of Interactive Multimedia.

245 00 $a Postmodern culture $h [electronic resource] : $b PMC.

245 00 $a Journal of physics. $n B, $p Atomic, molecular and optical physics $h [electronic resource].

31.6.3.  Statement of responsibility

Record the statement of responsibility as part of the 245 field as prescribed in AACR2 1.1F and 12.1F.  Record a statement of responsibility only when it appears prominently in the item.  In all other cases, record the information in field 550 .  If there is no formal statement of responsibility, do not attempt to construct one; instead, make appropriate notes for any other persons or bodies that appear in the text of the online file and are deemed important for access.

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