First and Second indicators:

#  Undefined


a  Issuing body note (NR)

6  Linkage (NR)

8  Field link and sequence number (R)

NOTE:  See MARC 21 Format for Bibliographic Data (550 Issuing Body Note) for code definitions not given below.


Field 550 refers to current and former issuing bodies.  Field 550 is generally used for issuing bodies traced in a 7XX added entry field.  The field explains their relationship to the publication and justifies the 7XX added entries.  Notes relating to commercial publishers, distributors, or places of publication are tagged 500.

Use field 550 for the following types of issuing body notes:

1.   Notes providing the current issuing body when it is not included in the statement of responsibility or imprint.

260 ## Washington : $b Columbia Press, $c 1875-1878.

550 ## Organ of the Potomac-side Naturalists' Club.

710 2# Potomac-side Naturalists' Club.

260 ## Salzburg, Oesterreich : $b Zaunrith'sche Buch-, Kunst- und Steindruckerei

550 ## Issued by: Anthropos-Institut, 1935-

710 2# Anthropos-Institut.

2.   Notes for joint issuing bodies.

260 ## Paris : $b Centre de documentation C.N.R.S., $c 1969-

550 ## Issued with: Bureau de recherches géologiques et minières, 1972-

710 2# Centre national de la recherche scientifique (France). $b Centre de documentation.

710 1# France. $b Bureau de recherches géologiques et minières.

3.   Notes for former or later issuing bodies.

260 ## Washington, D.C. : $b U.S. Dept. of Commerce, Bureau of the Census : $b For sale by the Supt. of Docs., U.S. G.P.O.

550 ## Issued by: Bureau of Statistics (Dept. of the Treasury), 1878-1902; by: Bureau of Statistics (Dept. of Commerce and Labor), 1903-1911; by: Bureau of Foreign and Domestic Commerce, 1912-1937; by: Bureau of the Census, 1938-

710 1# United States. $b Bureau of the Census.

710 1# United States. $b Dept. of the Treasury. $b Bureau of Statistics.

710 1# United States. $b Dept. of Commerce and Labor. $b Bureau of Statistics.

710 1# United States. $b Bureau of Foreign and Domestic Commerce.

260 ## London ; $a New York : $b Macmillan

550 ## Issued by: British Economic Association, 1891-1902; by: Royal Economic Society, 1903-

710 2# British Economic Association.

710 2# Royal Economic Society (Great Britain)

550 ## Issued by: Dept. of Health and Welfare, Bureau of Vital Statistics, 1964-1977; by: Dept. of Health and Social Services, Bureau of Vital Records, 1978-

710 1# Alaska. $b Bureau of Vital Statistics.

710 1# Alaska. $b Bureau of Vital Records.

4.   Notes for sponsoring bodies.

260 ## London : $b H. Frowde : $b Hodder and Stoughton, $c [1921]-

550 ## Published under the auspices of the British Institute of International Affairs, 1921/22-1927; of the Royal Institute of International Affairs, 1928-

710 2# British Institute of International Affairs.

710 2# Royal Institute of International Affairs.

5.   Notes citing any other body involved with the publication for which an added entry is desired.

550 ## Published in cooperation with the Kansas State Board of Agriculture, 1974-

710 1# Kansas. $b State Board of Agriculture.

6.   Notes stating that a resource is an official organ of a society.

260 ## Santiago de Chile : $b Dirección General de Educación Primaria, $c 1921-

550 ## Organ of Dirección General de Educación Primaria, 1921-1927; of Departamento de Educación Primaria, 1928.

710 1# Chile. $b Dirección General de Educación Primaria.

710 1# Chile. $b Departamento de Educación Primaria.

7.   Notes providing subordinate bodies that prepared a work; e.g., when the subordinate body is not given on a prescribed source for the statement of responsibility area.

550 ## Compiled by the editors of Handling & shipping, 1970-1972.

550 ## Published for the American Indian Historical Society.


$a  Issuing body note.

Subfield $a contains the issuing body note.

550 ## Prepared under the direction of the Commissioner of Banking.

550 ## Issued by the Registrar of Loan Corporations, 1918-1949.

550 ## Prepared by the General Nuclear Engineering Corp., Dec. 1957-<Sept. 1960>; by Argonne National Laboratory, fall 1966.

$6  Linkage.

For instructions on the use of subfield $6, see field 880.

Related fields, etc.

Notes - General Information, 500, 710

550 Issuing Body Note (MARC 21 Format for Bibliographic Data)

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