First and Second indicators:

Same as associated field


a-z  Same as associated field

0-5  Same as associated field

6  Linkage (NR)

7-9  Same as associated field

NOTE:  See MARC 21 Format for Bibliographic Data (880 Alternate Graphic Representation) for code definitions not given below.


Field 880 contains the fully content-designated alternate graphic representation of another field in the same record.  This field is linked to the associated field by subfield $6 (Linkage).  In some cases, the associated Roman alphabet field does not exist in the record, but the field is constructed as if it did with a reserved occurrence number to indicate the special situation.  The data in field 880 need not be totally in a non-Roman alphabet or script, but the field is included in the record only for the provision of non-Roman representations.  Each 880 field may include more than one non-Roman alphabet or script.


The indicators in field 880 have the same meaning and values as the indicators in the associated field and are not described here.  See the description of the specific related field.


The subfield codes in field 880 are the same as those defined in the associated field except for subfield $6.  For a description of all subfields except $6, see the sections describing the associated field.  Subfield $6, which for the 880 field includes two additional elements, is described in this section and is always the first subfield in the field.

$6  Linkage.

Subfield $6 contains data that link pairs of fields that are alternate graphic representations of each other.  It also identifies the first alternate graphic character set encountered in the field.  It contains the tag number of an associated field, an occurrence number, and characters that identify the character set of alternate graphics.  It may also contain a code signaling that the orientation for display of the field is right-to-left.

The subfield is structured as follows:

<linking tag>-<occurrence number>/<identification of alternate graphic character set>/<field orientation code>

The linking tag is the tag number of the associated field and as such will always be three characters in length.  This is followed immediately by a hyphen and the two-character occurrence number, a number that is carried in each of the associated fields and is only assigned to one set of associated fields within a single record.  The function of the occurrence number is to permit matching of associated fields, not to sequence the fields, thus, it may be assigned at random.  When the occurrence number is one digit, it is right justified and the unused position contains a zero.

The occurrence number is followed immediately by a slash (/) and the identification of alternate graphic character set used in the field.  The alternate set is identified by the Intermediate and Final characters of the escape sequence used to designate the set (for further information see the MARC 21 Specifications for Record Structure, Character Sets, and Exchange Media).  This is the same information that is carried in subfield $c of field 066 (Character Sets Present).

The identification of the alternate graphic character set may be followed by a slash (/) and the field orientation code.  The default orientation for display of the field is left-to-right.  When the orientation should instead be right-to-left, the field orientation code (consisting of the letter r) is added.  If the default orientation of left-to-right is appropriate for the field, the field orientation code and its preceding slash are omitted.

The entire field need not be in the alternate character set.  If more than one alternate character set is present in the field, subfield $6 will contain the identification of the first alternate character set encountered in a left to right scan of the field.

The identification of alternate graphic character set will always be present in field 880, subfield $6, but this data element is not defined for subfield $6 of the associated field.  In the associated field the data is in the record default character set.

Fields that may link to field 880

In CONSER records, the following fields may contain non-Roman data (i.e., have subfield $6 (Linkage) defined) and therefore be eligible for linkage to an occurrence of field 880.

015  National Bibliography Number

030  CODEN Designation

034  Coded Cartographic Mathematical Data

035  System Control Number

037  Source of Acquisition

040  Cataloging Source

041  Language Code

072  Subject Category Code

086  Government Document Call Number

088  Report Number

1XX  Main Entry Fields

2XX  Title and Title-Related Fields

3XX  Physical Description, Etc. Fields

4XX  Series Statement Fields

5XX  Note Fields

6XX  Subject Access Fields

700-75X  Added Entry Fields

76X-78X Linking Entry Fields

800-830  Series Added Entry Fields

The following is a serial with Japanese characters.  While not shown in the example, the first and last non-Roman character set sequences within the field are preceded and succeeded, respectively, by the appropriate escape sequences that control the character codes in a record.  These are specified in the MARC 21 Specifications for Record Structure, Character Sets, and Exchange Media.

066 ## $c $1

210 0# Nihon Setchaku Ky¸kaishi

222 #0 Nihon Setchaku Ky¸kaishi

245 00 $6 880-01  Nihon Setchaku Ky¸kai shi = $b Adhesion : journal of the Adhesion Society of Japan.

246 10 Journal of the Adhesion Society of Japan

246 11 Adhesion

260 ## $6 880-02  Wsaka-shi : $b Nihon Setchaku Ky¸kai, $c 1965-1989.

310 ## Monthly

362 0# Vol. 1, no. 1-v. 25, no. 12.

510 0# Chemical abstracts $x 0009-2258 $b -1989

515 ## Issues for <Oct. 1989>-Dec. 1989 called also <dai 25-kan dai 10->- dai 25-kan dai 12-g¸.

546 ## In Japanese, with abstracts in English.

710 20 $6 880-03  Nihon Setchaku Ky¸kai.

785 00 $6 880-04  $t Nihon Setchaku Gakkai shi $x 0916-4812 $w (DLC)  91651400 $w (OCoLC)24772360

850 ## DLC $a ICRL

880 00 $6 245-01/$1 $a [Japanese characters] = $b Adhesion : journal of the Adhesion Society of Japan.

880 ## $6 260-02/$1 $a [Japanese characters] : $b [Japanese characters], $c 1965-1989.

880 20 $6 710-03/$1 $a [Japanese characters]

880 00 $6 785-04/$1 $t [Japanese characters] $x 0916-4812 $w (DLC)  91651400 $w (OCoLC)24772360

["$1" = 2416 3116 = Identification of the first alternate character set that will be encountered in this field.]

Related fields, etc.

066, Appendix O

880 Alternate Graphic Representation  (MARC 21 Format for Bibliographic Data)

See also:

841-88X  Holdings, Alternate Graphics, Etc.

Variable Data Fields

Section E.  MARC 21 Format for Serials as Applied Within CONSER

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