First and Second indicators:

#  Undefined


a  National bibliography number (R)

q  Qualifying information (R)

z  Canceled or invalid national bibliographic number

2  Source (NR)

6  Linkage (NR)

8  Field link and sequence number (R)

NOTE:  See MARC 21 Format for Bibliographic Data (015 National Bibliography Number) for code definitions not given below.


Field 015 contains one or more national bibliography numbers (NBN).  A work may have more than one number or may have numbers from more than one national bibliography.

Editing instructions

1.   NBNs in consecutive sequence are joined by two hyphens and are treated as one number.

015 ## B67-20987--B67-20988 (v. 1-2)

2.   NBNs that are not in a consecutive sequence are input in separate $a subfields.

015 ## GDNB67-A14-136 $a Au-190

3.   Parentheses are not input around the NBN.

4.   Volume numbers that qualify the number are input following the number and are enclosed in parentheses.

015 ## F67-835 (v. 1) $a F67-9455 (v. 2)

5.   Spaces are omitted between alpha and numeric portions of the NBN.  Alpha characters may be upper or lowercase.


$a  National bibliography number.

When more than one number is input, each is input in a separate subfield $a.  The field is not repeatable.

$2  Source.

Subfield $2 contains a code that identifies the source of the National Bibliography Number in subfield $a.  The source of the code is the Source Codes for Vocabularies, Rules, and Schemes (National Bibliography Number Source Codes), that is maintained by the Library of Congress.

015 ## 84-3117 $2 bnf

[Code "bnf" is for Bibliographie nationale française.]

015 ## 67-A14-54 $2 dnb

[Code "dnb" is for Deutsche Nationalbibliographie.]

$6  Linkage.

For instructions on the use of subfield $6, see field 880.


Field 015 was primarily used by LAC.

Related fields, etc.


015 National Bibliography Number  (MARC 21 Format for Bibliographic Data)

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