First indicator - National bibliographic agency

#  Library and Archives Canada (LAC)

7  Agency identified in $2

Second indicator:

#  Undefined


a  Record control number (NR)

z  Cancelled/invalid record control number (R)

2  Source (NR)

8  Field link and sequence number (R)

NOTE:  See MARC 21 Format for Bibliographic Data (016 National Bibliographic Agency Control Number) for code definitions not given below.


Field 016 contains unique numbers assigned to records by national bibliographic agencies other than the Library of Congress.  The control number may also appear in field 001 (Control number) in records distributed by the national agency.  This number is the record control number used in a national bibliographic agency system, rather than a number used for entry in a national bibliography (cf. field 015 National Bibliography Number).  Field 016 is generally added during batchload rather than being input directly by the national agency.

In CONSER records, field 016 is used for primarily Library and Archives Canada and National Library of Medicine record control numbers.  The LAC control number also appears in subfield $a of field 010 in LCCN format.  If an LC control number is input in subfield $a, the LAC bibliographic control number is moved to subfield $z of field 010.

Following are examples of LAC bibliographic control numbers as they appear in field 016 and field 010.

016 ## 850790123

010 ## cn85-79012

016 ## 84074286XE

010 ## ce84-74286

016 ## 84074286XF

010 ## cf84-74286

016 ## 94390000X

010 ## cn94-390000

016 ## 947900063

010 ## cn94-790006

Example of an NLM bibliographic control number (previously recorded in 069) as it appears in field 016.

016 7# 101087008 $2 DNLM

First indicator - National bibliographic agency

The first indicator position contains a value that either identifies a specific national bibliographic agency as the source of the control number, or refers to a code subfield $2 source.

#    Library and Archives Canada (LAC).

Value # indicates that the Library and Archives Canada is the source of the national bibliographic agency control number.

016 ## 73003201## rev

016 ## 84074272XE#

7    Agency identified in $2.

Value 7 is used when the source of the control number is indicated by a code in subfield $2.  The source of the code is the MARC Code List for Organizations that is maintained by the Library of Congress.

016 7# 94/763966.7 $2 GyFmDB


$a  Record control number.

016 ## $a 850790123

$z  Canceled/invalid record control number.

016 ## 890000298 ## rev $z 89000298

$2  Source.

Subfield $2 is used only when the first indicator value is 7.  The source of the MARC code is MARC Code List for Organizations.

016 7# 9117951 $z E000214460 $2 Uk

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016 National Bibliographic Agency Control Number  (MARC 21 Format for Bibliographic Data)

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