First indicator:

0  Primary control number

1  Secondary control number

Second indicator:

#  Undefined


a  Control number (NR)

b  System control number (NR)


OCLC uses field 029 for system control numbers from records from non-OCLC automated systems (e.g., the British Library and the Library and Archives Canada).  Those numbers are used by OCLC to process and track records from other systems.  There is overlap between the control numbers stored in fields 029 and 016.

029 1# NLM $b 9203177

The OCLC system displays field 029 only in the following circumstances:

1.   If you lock a record that contains an 029 field, the 029 field displays.

2.   If your institution has input a record and data from other automated systems were merged with your record, field 029 displays on workstations that logon to the system using your institution's OCLC authorization numbers.

If field 029 is displayed when a Produce, Update, or Export command is sent, it appears on OCLC-MARC records and is included in exported records.  To avoid this, delete field 029 from an unlocked record before sending a Produce, Update, or Export command.  If a record is locked, field 029 cannot be deleted before the record is replaced.  Field 029 is not distributed in CONSER records.

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