010  Library of Congress Control Number (NR)

012  CONSER Fixed Length Field (NR)  [CONSER use only]

015  National Bibliography Number (R)

016  National Bibliographic Agency Control Number (R)

019  OCLC Control Number Cross-Reference (R)  [OCLC use only]

022  International Standard Serial Number (ISSN) (NR)

025  Overseas Acquisition Number (R)

027  Standard Technical Report Number (R)

029  Other System Control Number (R)  [OCLC defined]

030  CODEN Designation (R)

032  Postal Registration Number (R)

034  Coded Cartographic Mathematical Data (R)

035  System Control Number (R)

036  Original Study Number for Computer Data Files (NR)

037  Source of Acquisition (R)

039  Core Record Designator (NR)

040  Cataloging Source (NR)

041  Language Code (R)

042  Authentication Code (NR)

043  Geographic Area Code (NR)

044  Country of Publishing/Producing Entity Code (NR)

045  Time Period of Content (NR)

050  Library of Congress Call Number (R)

051  Library of Congress Copy, Issue, Offprint Statement (R)  [LC use only]

052  Geographic Classification (R)

055  Classification Numbers Assigned in Canada (R)  [LAC use only]

060  National Library of Medicine Call Number (R)

061  National Library of Medicine Copy Statement (R)

066  Character Sets Present (NR)

069  Other System Control Number (R)  [OCLC defined - Obsolete]

070  National Agricultural Library Call Number (R)  [NAL use only]

072  Subject Category Code (R)

074  GPO Item Number (R)

080  Universal Decimal Classification Number (UDC) (R)

082  Dewey Decimal Classification Number (R)

086  Government Document Classification Number (R)

088  Report Number (R)

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