First indicator:

#  Processed duplicate

1  Identified but unprocessed duplicate

Second indicator:

#  Undefined


a  OCLC control number of deleted record or record scheduled for merge (R)


Field 019 is used by OCLC to record and to index OCLC control numbers of records that have been deleted or will be processed as duplicate records.  CONSER catalogers can not add, change, or delete this field.

First indicator

First indicator value "#" indicates that the record represented by the control number in subfield $a has been deleted from OCLC's Online Union Catalog.

First indicator value "1" indicates that the record has been identified as a duplicate but not yet processed.

Field 019 is indexed in the control number index when the first indicator is "#".  The record is retrievable by the control numbers in field 019 and field 001.  When the first indicator is "1", field 019 is not indexed.

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