First indicator - Existence in NLM collection

#  No information provided

0  Item is in NLM

1  Item is not in NLM

Second indicator - Source of call number

0  Assigned by NLM

4  Assigned by agency other than NLM


a  Classification number (R)

b  Item number (NR)

8  Field link and sequence number (R)

NOTE:  See MARC 21 Format for Bibliographic Data (060 National Library of Medicine Call Number) for code definitions not given below.


Field 060 contains a classification or call number either as it appears in an NLM record or as assigned by a library using National Library of Medicine Classification.  Call numbers contained in this field and assigned by NLM may be either from the National Library of Medicine Classification schedules QS-QZ (preclinical sciences) and W-WZ (medicine and related subjects), or from the Library of Congress Classification schedules for subjects not covered in the NLM schedules, or, for monographs, an accession number.

Classification numbers NLM uses for serials are those in the National Library of Medicine Classification that are preceded by an asterisk (*).  NLM classifies most serials in the form number W1.  Exceptions to this are class W2 for government administrative or statistical reports, and certain form numbers within each subject schedule for publication types such as directories, catalogs, handbooks, laws, etc.  If such publication types are not covered by NLM schedules, Library of Congress Classification may be used.  Bibliographies or indexes, whether serial or monographic, are classed in the appropriate subject schedule prefixed by a capital Z.

First indicator - Existence in NLM collection

The first indicator position contains a value that indicates whether or not the item is contained in the NLM collection at the call number given.  Cataloging records for serials held by the National Library of Medicine may be found in NLM's online database including serials to which NLM has assigned a call number but not yet cataloged.  If the call number is taken from an NLM record, the first indicator should be set to 0 (serial is in NLM).  If the call number is assigned by an agency other than NLM or is from a source document other than a current NLM record, set the indicator to # (no information provided).

Second indicator - Source of call number

0    Assigned by NLM.

Used to indicate the call number has been assigned by the National Library of Medicine.  It is used by other agencies when transcribing call numbers found in NLM files.

4    Assigned by agency other than NLM.

Used when assigning a call number derived from the National Library of Medicine Classification.  Only one field 060 with this indicator should be added to a record.


$a  Classification number.

Subfield $a contains the classification number portion of the call number or, for some monographs, an accession number.  It is NLM practice to transcribe call numbers W1, W2, W3, and W4 with no space between the W and the number.  All other call numbers are entered with a space between the alphabetic and numeric portions of the call number.

Some NLM classifications provide for a geographic arrangement within subfield $a of the call number.  These geographical codes consist of an alphabetic plus numeric notation with no spaces between them and are listed in Table G of the National Library of Medicine Classification.  The geographic codes are separated from the subject/form part of the classification by one space.  NOTE:  Before 1994, the geographical code was entered at the beginning of subfield $b in MARC records.  It may be repositioned if the record is being updated.

$b  Item number.

Subfield $b contains the item number portion of the NLM call number.  Monographs classed in NLM by accession or alternative numbers do not contain a separate item portion and subfield $b is not used.


060 00 W1 $b RI217

[Serial call no. assigned by NLM.]

060 00 W 22 DC2 $b H477

[Serial call no. with geographic code from Table G assigned by NLM.]

060 #4 WA 16 $b C7375

[Serial call no. assigned by agency other than NLM.]

060 00 1998 AA148

[Monograph accession no. assigned by  NLM with alternative call no.]

060 10 W 84 AA1 $b I48 1993

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060 National Library of Medicine Call Number  (MARC 21 Format for Bibliographic Data)

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