First indicator - Type of edition

#  No edition information recorded  [obsolete]

0  Full edition

1  Abridged edition

7  Other edition specified in subfield $2

Second indicator - Source of classification number

#  No information provided

0  Assigned by LC

4  Assigned by agency other than LC


a  Classification number (R)

b  Item number (NR)

m Standard or optional designation (NR)

q  Assigning agency (NR)

2  Edition number (NR)

6  Linkage (NR)

8  Field link and sequence number (R)

NOTE:  See MARC 21 Format for Bibliographic Data (082 Dewey Decimal Classification Number) for code definitions not given below.


Field 082 contains a Dewey Decimal Classification number, assigned from editions of the Dewey Decimal schedules that are maintained by the Library of Congress.  The number may also be assigned by other agencies.

Although field 082 is defined as repeatable, in practice, only one Dewey number should be assigned to a record.  A full Dewey number takes precedence over an abridged Dewey number, and an LC-assigned Dewey number takes precedence over a Dewey number assigned by an agency other than LC.

Beginning in 2000, LC no longer assigns full Decimal classification numbers as part of its regular workflow for newly cataloged serials.  Abbreviated Dewey numbers, however, continue to be assigned by NSDP when assigning ISSN for non-government U.S. imprints.

Editing instructions

1.   Do not input brackets around the Dewey number; these may be supplied on output via a user's print program.

2.   The number may be divided by up to three slashes.

082 00 927.914 $2 19

082 00 345.77/7/00924 $2 19

082 00 355.02/1 $2 19

082 00 508.46/65/05 $2 20

3.   A lowercase "s" (for series) is separated from the classification number by one space.

082 00 920.073 s $a 973.3/092 $2 20

First indicator - Type of edition

The first indicator signifies the type of edition (i.e., full or abridged).  Value "#" is used only when it is not possible to determine whether the Dewey number was assigned from a full or abridged edition.  Value "#" was valid 1979-1987.

Second indicator - Source of classification number

The second indicator signifies the source of the classification number.

0    Assigned by LC.

This value is used by LC when assigning Dewey numbers.  It is also to be used by institutions transcribing field 082 from LC cataloging copy.

4    Assigned by agency other than LC.

This value is used by CONSER members and others when inputting a Dewey number based on the Dewey Decimal Classification schedules.  This value is used only when a number has not been assigned by LC.


$a  Classification number.

Input in subfield $a the number and any alternative numbers.  When an alternative number is given, repeat the subfield code.  For juvenile works, the letter "E" (Easy book) or "FIC" (fiction) may be input alone in subfield $a.

082 00 354.717/008232 $2 19

082 00 345.55/700/924 $a 920 $2 19

$b  Item number.

Input in subfield $b the item number portion of the call number.  This subfield may also contain a copy (or set) number.

$2  Edition number.

Use subfield $2 in all newly assigned 082 fields, in conjunction with first indicator value "0" or "1".  It specifies the edition of the Dewey schedules from which the classification number was assigned.  If Dewey numbers are assigned from more than one edition, numbers for each edition are recorded in a separate 082 field.  Record the edition number alone in subfield $2; specify the type of edition (full or abridged)  in the first indicator value.

082 10 914.3 $2 11

082 00 888/.01/08 $2 19

082 00 070.4/35/02573 $2 20

082 00 016.34373099/9/05 $a 016.34730399905 $2 20

082 00 331.11/423 $2 20

NSDP usage

NSDP assigns a 3-digit DDC number based on the current edition of Abridged Dewey Decimal Classification and Related Indexes.  In most cases the number is assigned from the third summary (the 1000 sections).  NSDP does not use "05", the standard subdivision for serial publications.

NSDP provides the 3-digit DDC number when all of the following conditions are met:

the serial is one for which NSDP is responsible for the ISSN assignment, i.e., it is a U.S. publication or one for which NSDP has responsibility under agreements concerning multinational publishers;

the serial is of international level interest (i.e., the 022 first indicator - 0 or blank);

no DDC number is already present in field 082;

NSDP is authenticating the record or reaccessing an authenticated record with an issue or suitable surrogate in hand.

NSDP assigns a first indicator value of "1" in all records and a second indicator value of "0".  If a full Dewey number is later assigned to the title by LC or by a CONSER member, the full number replaces the abridged Dewey number and the indicator values and subfield $2 are changed accordingly.  If no full Dewey number is assigned then the abridged number is retained.

LAC usage

LAC assigns full version DDC numbers using second indicator value "0".

Related fields, etc.

082 Dewey Decimal Classification Number  (MARC 21 Format for Bibliographic Data)

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