First and Second indicators:

#  Undefined


a  Postal registration number (NR)

b  Source (agency assigning number) (NR)

6  Linkage (NR)

8  Field link and sequence number (R)

NOTE:  See MARC 21 Format for Bibliographic Data (032 Postal Registration Number) for code definitions not given below.


Field 032 contains Postal Service registration numbers that are required in some countries for certain mailing class privileges.

In the United States, a U.S. Postal Service (USPS) publication number is assigned to publications mailed at second class rates.  The USPS number should be printed on serial titles authorized to be mailed at second class rates when ISSN for these titles have not been provided to the USPS by NSDP.  Thus, a USPS number could be used as a surrogate identifier for those records not having an ISSN.

NSDP uses field 032 to record the USPS numbers of those publications for which it has reported ISSN to the Postal Service.  This is done so that one-to-one correspondence can be maintained between certain records in both systems.  In a small number of cases, NSDP will record a USPS number when, because of bibliographic incompatibilities between the systems, an ISSN has been assigned to a title but cannot be reported to the Postal Service.  In these cases field 012 subfield $m will contain the value "X".

CONSER catalogers may add a postal registration number found on the piece if NSDP has not authenticated the record.  Conflicts or questions should be directed to NSDP for resolution.

Editing instructions

1.   The USPS number is recorded as six numerics, right justified, with leading zero fill.

2.   The hyphen that may appear between the third and fourth digits on printed sources is omitted.

3.   The name of the source is given as "USPS".

032 ## 063480 $b USPS

When the serial title is no longer mailed at second class rates, (e.g., because the title has changed or the publisher has abandoned the second class authorization), field 032 is deleted from the record; field 012 subfield $m is set to value "d".


$6  Linkage.

For instructions on the use of subfield $6, see field 880.

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032 Postal Registration Number  (MARC 21 Format for Bibliographic Data)

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