Notes in records for continuing resources fall into two categories:

1.   Notes input in the 5XX note fields, and;

2.   Notes generated on output from other fields in the record (e.g., 246, 310, etc.).

The 5XX fields contain general notes (field 500) and specific notes (fields 525, 550, 588, etc.) that cannot be generated from another field.

Other fields that may generate notes are:

022, 037, 074, 086, 222, 246, 310, 321, 362 (indicator value "1"), 760-787.

These fields generally have display constants that identify the specific type of information supplied in the note.

246 11 Denki Gakkai ronbunshi

May display as:  Parallel Title: Denki Gakkai ronbunshi

Order of notes

5XX notes are input in numeric tag order.  If necessary, specific instructions are provided within individual fields for the multiple input of notes having the same tag number.  The integration of 5XX notes with notes generated on output from other fields must be specified by the institution's output program.

Date or volume information in notes

When inputting date or volume information in a note, apply the following conventions:

1.   Input uncertain data (i.e., a date or number that may not be the earliest or latest) in angle brackets (< >).

2.   When inputting incomplete dates, leave one to three blank spaces as necessary.  Never leave more than three blank spaces.

3.   When the beginning or ending date is left open, leave one blank space unless the entire date is enclosed by angle brackets.

Issued by: [body], 1988-  ; by: [body], <1993->

Issued by: [body], <1975->

Issued by: [body], <-1982>

Vols. 1-<20> issued also in …

Vols. for -1979 also have additional section called …

Issued by [body], <v. 2-6>

Indicators - Display constant controllers

When the information contained in a note is not self-identifying, the first indicator may be defined as a "Display constant controller."  The indicator allows the machine generation of a distinctive word or phrase, called a tag-related term, to introduce the note.  When this is the case, the first indicator values are:

#    No information provided.

If only one tag-related term is associated with a note the first indicator contains a blank.  The tag-related term may then be machine generated for the field.


These values are reserved for definition when a term other than the tag-related term is associated with the field.

8    No display constant generated.

If no display constant is to be machine-generated with the note, the first indicator value "8" suppresses the generation of the tag-related term (value #).

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