Online serials may contain variant titles on the home page or other locations.  Such variants include "at head of title" phrases, running titles, or abbreviated titles in header information or at the end of the file.  File or directory names constitute other legitimate variant titles if it may be reasonably assumed that a user would search for the serial using those names.  The title bar in the Web browser displays the HTML title element as coded in the document.  Such a title can be recorded as a title variant or can help clarify the form of the title proper when presentation in the chief source creates doubts.

Record all variant titles as specifically as possible, using field 246 subfield $i if the display constants available for 246 indicators are not sufficient to generate an accurate note.

245 00 $a Emerging infectious diseases $h [electronic resource] : $b EID.

246 30 $a EID

245 00 $a Journal of extension $h [electronic resource].

246 1# $i Also known as: $a JOE

245 00 $a Effector online $h [electronic resource].

246 1# $i File name: $a EFFON

245 00 $a Word virtual $h [electronic resource].

246 1# $i Title in source code: $a

Multiple providers sometimes present the title of a digitized serial differently from one another.  For the aggregator-neutral record, give added entries for variations of the title presented by different providers with the following introductory text:

246 1# $i Issues from some providers have title: $a [Title]

The example below is a record for the first title in a string of title changes, records have been created for each title, based on the running title that appears on each article.  All the successive titles, a, b, and c are carried on the same Web site which carries the most recent title, c.

245 00 $a [Title a]

246 1# $i Some providers make available as part of the Web site of the later title: $a [Title c]

785 00 $t [Title b]

Make added entries for related works as necessary according to the instructions in CCM 7.5.2.

See also:

Module 31.  Remote Access Electronic Serials (Online Serials)