Module 32.  Introduction, Discussion Points, References, and Definitions of Terms

32.1.  Decisions that affect the bibliographic treatment of microforms

32.1.1.  Is the microform an original or a reproduction?

a.  Original microforms

b.  Reproduction microforms

c.  How to distinguish original from reproduction microforms

32.1.2.  Is the microform a serial?

a.  Original microforms

b.  Reproduction microforms

c.  Microform sets

32.1.3.  Will the record reflect a service copy alone or a preservation master?

32.2.  Cataloging original microforms

32.2.1.  Description

a.  Chief source

b.  Title statement (field 245)

c.  Uniform title (fields 130 and 240)

d.  Publication, distribution, etc. (field 260)

e.  Physical description (field 300)

f.   Fixed field elements

32.2.2.  Special problems

a.  Lack of information

b.  Change in physical medium

Examples of original microform records

Figure 32.1.  Original microform

Figure 32.2.  Original microform:  change of format

Figure 32.3.  Original microform:  abbreviated title

32.3.  Cataloging reproduction microforms

32.3.1.  A brief history of the "multiple versions" issue and the cataloging of reproductions

32.3.2.  Methods of cataloging reproductions

a.  Cloning

b.  Transcription from catalog cards

c.  Original cataloging

d.  Prospective cataloging and queuing

32.3.3.  Description of reproductions

a.  Chief source

b.  Main entry (fields 1XX)

c.  Title statement (field 245)

d.  Uniform title (fields 130 and 240)

e.  Variant titles (field 246)

f.   Edition statement

g.  Publication, distribution area (field 260)

h.  Designation/Description based on note (fields 362 and 500)

i.   Physical description (field 300)

j.  Series (fields 4XX and 8XX)

k.  Notes

l.   Field 533

m. Linking fields

n.  Fixed fields

o.  Call numbers and control numbers

p.  Subject headings

32.3.4.  Changes

a.  Previously undetected changes

b.  Title changes

c.  Micropublisher changes

32.3.5.  Special problems

a.  Latest entry records

b.  Series treatment

c.  Multiple titles filmed together

Examples of reproduction microform records

Figure 32.4.  Commercial reproduction

Figure 32.5.  Preservation reproduction

Figure 32.6a.  Cloning:  Hard copy record

Figure 32.6b.  Cloning:  Microfilm record

Figure 32.7.  Latest entry and successive entries

Figure 32.8.  Latest entry record

Figure 32.9.  Reproduction cataloged originally

Figure 32.10.  Changes in micropublisher

Figure 32.11.  LAC record created according to AACR2 Chapter 11

Figure 32.12.  Reprint of reprint

Figure 32.13.  Microform sets

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