Original microforms are cataloged according to AACR2 Chapter 11.

32.2.1.  Description

The description of original microforms is similar to that of other serials in many aspects.  The areas described below are those which differ from printed serials due to the physical format.

a.  Chief source

The chief source is the title frame (AACR2 11.0B1).  When there is no title frame, the eye-readable header for microfiche may be used as a substitute.  If the title on the header is given in an abbreviated form, the title may be taken from the container or accompanying material.  When the title is taken from a source other than the title frame, give the source in a note.

500 ## $a Title from eye-readable header.

500 ## $a Title from container.

b.  Title statement (field 245)

Always add the general material designation (GMD) "microform" following the title proper (subfields $a, $n, $p).  Input the GMD in square brackets in subfield $h (AACR2 1.1A1).

245 00 $a Dunn's business identification service $h [microform].

c.  Uniform title (fields 130 and 240)

As with other serials, supply uniform titles according to LCRI 25.5B when there are conflicting titles and according to the rules in Chapter 25 for legal publications.  When a serial changes its physical format, medium, LCRI 21.3B requires that a new record be made.  A uniform title, with the specific material designation (e.g., microfiche) as qualifier, is added to the new record.  For original microforms, this occurs most frequently when a serial that was issued in hard copy changes its format to microfiche.  (See also CCM 16.4.1.)

130 0# $a Bibliografi til Norges historie (Microfiche)

245 10 $a Bibliografi til Norges historie $h [microform] / $c utarbeidet ved Universitetsbiblioteket I Oslo.

580 ## $a Continues a publication with the same title issued in paper format.

780 00 $t Bibliografi til Norges historie $w (OCoLC)1519728 $w (DLC)  36020800

d.  Publication, distribution, etc. (field 260)

Record the place of publication and the publisher of the microform (also called the micropublisher) in field 260 .  If there is no information on the item, supply the publishing statement from another source, when available, and give in brackets.  Accompanying material, such as publisher's sales information, may be the only source of this information.  If no information is available, input [S.l. : $b s.n.].

e.  Physical description (field 300)

The extent of item for most microforms consists of the specific material designations "microfilm" or "microfiche."  In addition, the term "reels" is added to microfilm, according to AACR2 11.5B1.

300 ## $a microfilm reels

300 ## $a microfiches

When the serial is complete, the number of reels or sheets of fiche may be added, when the information is readily available (AACR2 11.5B1).

300 ## $a 8 microfilm reels

300 ## $a 105 microfiches

Other physical details include the polarity of the microform when it is negative (AACR2 11.5C1), and the presence of illustrations (AACR2 11.5C2), and color (AACR2 11.5C3).

300 ## $a microfilm reels

300 ## $a microfiches : $b negative, ill.

300 ## $a 20 microfilm reels : $b col. ill.

Give the dimensions of microfiches only when they are other than 10.5 X 14.8 cm.  (AACR2 11.5D3).  When given, the dimensions are expressed in terms of height x width.

300 ## $a microfiches  [no information given about dimensions which are 10.5 x 14.8]

300 ## $a 5 microfiches ; $c 12 x 17 cm.

Give the width of microfilm in millimeters (AACR2 11.5D4).  Always give the dimensions for microfilm.

300 ## $a microfilm reels ; $c 35 mm.

300 ## $a microfilm reels : $b ill. ; $c 16 mm.

f.  Fixed field elements

1)   008 and leader

For original microforms, code fixed field elements for the microform, as instructed by the CEG.  Two elements, 008/23 "Form of item" and 008/22 "Form of original item" are also coded.  Both elements are coded because the form of item (e.g., microfiche) is also the form of the original.  See CEG  008/22 and 008/23 for further information.

2)   007

Field 007 carries coded data relating to the physical characteristics of the microform.  When the field is given, all elements must be coded.  When information is unknown, code "u" may be used.  For instruction on the coding and use of field 007, see CEG field 007 (Microforms) and Appendix M .

32.2.2.  Special problems

a.  Lack of information

A frequently occurring problem with cataloging original microforms is lack of information.  It is not unusual to be faced with microfiche on which there is no title frame and the title on the eye-readable header consists of no more than a set of letters or a common word such as "List" or "Index"!  In addition, there may be no clue as to the micropublisher.  One hopes that someone else has cataloged it, but even searching the database can be a challenge.  A better source may be acquisition data or other accompanying material.  If the microfiche is a government publication, it may be possible to determine the issuing agency through a series or set of letters and numbers.  Unfortunately, there is no easy answer to the cataloging of these publications and a certain amount of detective work will be necessary to provide adequate identification.

b.  Change in physical medium

According to LCRI 21.3B , a new record is created when the physical medium of an item changes.  This has happened most frequently with paper copy being continued by microfiche.  A change to digitized (CD ROM or remote electronic) medium will no doubt become more frequent in the future.  When the title remains the same, assign a uniform title qualified by the medium.  See also CCM 16.4.1 and CCM 5.2.4, and 32.2.1c in this module.


Examples of original microform records

Figure 32.1.  Original microform  [Partial record]

This is a typical record for an original microform.  Notice that the title has been taken from the eye-readable header and appears only in an abbreviated form.  The spelled-out title also appears on the item and has been separately traced in field 246.  The special material designation "microfiches" is given in field 300.  The size has been omitted because it is standard size.

010  ##  $a 93-640474

007  ##  $a h $b e $d b $e m $f u--- $g b $h u $i c $j u

022  ##  $a 0314-1608

042  ##  $a lc

050  00  $a Microfiche (o) 93/6007

245  00  $a SALSSAH on COM $h [microform] : $b serials in Australian libraries, social sciences and humanities.

246  30  $a Serials in Australian libraries, social sciences and humanities

260  ##  $a Canberra : $b National Library of Australia, $c 1978-

300  ##  $a microfiches : $b negative

310  ##  $a Quarterly; each issue replaces previous issue

362  0#  $a Sept. 1978-

500  ##  $a Title from eye-readable header

580  ##  $a Includes all entries which originally appeared in SALSSAH supplements and those which appeared in SALSSAH newly reported titles.

650  #0  $a Social sciences $v Periodicals $v Bibliography $v Union lists.

650  #0  $a Humanities $v Periodicals $v Bibliography $v Union lists.

650  #0  $a Periodicals $v Bibliography $v Union lists.

710  2#  $a National Library of Australia.

787  1#  $t Serials in Australian libraries, social sciences and humanities: a union list. Newly reported titles

787  1#  $t Serials in Australian libraries, social sciences and humanities: a union list. Supplement

Figure 32.2.  Original microform:  change of format  [Partial record]

This is a record for an original microform which continues the same title previously issued in print.  Notice that a 240 field has been added with the qualifier "(Microfiche)."  Field 580 has been added to explain the relationship between the two records since the link alone is not sufficient.

010  ##  $a 94-640693

007  ##  $a h $b e $d b $e m $f u--- $g b $h u $i c $j u

022  ##  $a 0163-7363

042  ##  $a lc $a nsdp

043  ##  $a n-us---

050  00  $a Microfiche (o) 94/4567

110  2#  $a Library of Congress. $b Copyright Office.

222  #0  $a Catalog of copyright entries. Fourth series. Part 8. Renewals

240  10  $a Catalog of copyright entries, fourth series. $n Part 8, $p Renewals (Microfiche)

245  10  $a Catalog of copyright entries, fourth series. $n Part 8, $p Renewals $h [microform].

246  30  $a Renewals

260  ##  $a Washington, D.C. : $b Copyright Office, Library of Congress : $b For sale    by the Supt. of Docs., U.S. G.P.O., $c 1983-

300  ##  $a microfiches : $b negative

310  ##  $a Semiannual

362  0#  $a Vol. 2, no. 1 (Jan. through June 1979)-

362  1#  $a Ceased with v. 5, no. 2 (July-Dec. 1982).

500  ##  $a Title from eye-readable header.

580  ##  $a Continues a paper format publication of the same title.

650  #0  $a Copyright $z United States $v Catalogs $v Periodicals.

780  10  $a Library of Congress. Copyright Office. $t Catalog of copyright entries, fourth series. Part 8, Renewals $x 0163-7363 $w (DLC)  79640907 $w (OCoLC)5435925

Figure 32.3.  Original microform:  abbreviated title  [Partial record]

The title for this original microform appears on the fiche as "ML-C" (cf. 246 17).  The cataloger has chosen as the title proper the full title appearing on accompanying material (AACR2 11.0B1).

010  ##  $a sn88-40128

007  ##  $a h $b e $d b $e m $f u--- $g b $h c $i c $j a

042  ##  $a lcd

043  ##  $a n-us---

074  ##  $a 0314-L-03 (MF)

086  0#  $a D 7.29/6:

245  00  $a Consolidated management data list, ML-C basic $h [microform].

246  16  $a Management list--consolidated $f <July 1988 ed.->

246  17  $a ML-C

260  ##  $a Battle Creek, Mich. : $b Dept. of Defense, Defense Logistics Agency, Defense Logistics Services Center

300  ##  $a microfiches ;  $c 11 x 15 cm.

310  ##  $a Monthly

362  1#  $a Ceased in early 1993?

500  ##  $a Description based on: Nov. 1980 ed.; title from card accompanying microfiche.

515  ##  $a Each issue supersedes all previous issues.

651  #0  $a United States $x Armed Forces $x Supplies and stores $v Periodicals.

710  2#  $a Defense Logistics Services Center (U.S.)

780  00  $t Management data list (ML). Basic army $w (OCoLC)6659298

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