First indicator - Nonfiling characters

0  No nonfiling characters present

1-9  Number of nonfiling characters present

Second indicator:

#  Undefined

Subfield codes:

a  Uniform title (NR)

d  Date of treaty signing (R)

f   Date of a work (NR)

g  Miscellaneous information (R)  [Pre-AACR2]

h  Medium  [Not used]

k  Form subheading (R)

l   Language of a work (NR)

m Medium of performance for music (R)

n  Number of part/section of a work (R)

o  Arranged statement for music (NR)

p  Name of part/section of a work (R)

r   Key for music (NR)

s  Version (NR)

t   Title of a work (NR)  [Pre-AACR2]

0  Authority record control number or standard number (R)

6  Linkage (NR)

8  Field link and sequence number (R)

NOTE:  See MARC 21 Format for Bibliographic Data (130 Main Entry - Uniform Title) for code definitions not given below.


Field 130 is used for a uniform title that is the main entry.  A uniform title that is combined with a name heading (100-111) to comprise the main entry is input in field 240.

Uniform title headings are used for the following three functions:

1)   to bring together all entries for the same work when different expressions (e.g., translations, editions) of it have appeared under different titles.

130 0# Japon artistique. $l Japanese.

245 10 Geijutsu no Nihon.

2)   to differentiate works published under an identical title proper (i.e., subfields $a, $n, and $p).  (LCRI 25.5B)

130 0# Financial planning (Atlanta, Ga.)

130 0# Financial planning (New York, N.Y.)

130 0# Review (Institute of Public Affairs (Melbourne, Vic.))

130 0# Review (Ontario Motor Coach Association)

3)   to delete an initial article from the title of a section or part.  (LCRI 25.5B)

130 0# American men and women of science. $p Medical sciences.

245 10 American men and women of science. $p The medical sciences.

Both functions one and two may apply to the same title (e.g., a translation of a title, which in its original language must be qualified due to a conflict).

130 0# Sotsiologicheskie issledovanii͡a (Institut sotsiologicheskikh issledovannii͡a (Akademii͡a nauk SSSR)). $l English.

245 10 USSR report. $p Sociological studies.

130 0# Akusticheskiĭ zhurnal. $l English (Online)

245 10 Acoustical physics $h [electronic resource].

Editing instructions

1.   Do not input initial articles.

2.   Input a period at the end of the field unless the field ends in another form of punctuation.

3.   When a place that is used as a qualifier is itself qualified (by its higher jurisdiction), separate the heading and its qualifier with a comma and do not input parentheses around the second qualifier.

Established form:  Paris (France)

Input as:  130 0# Revue de photographie (Paris, France)

4.   When a corporate body used as a qualifier is itself qualified, retain the parentheses around the qualifier, even though double punctuation results.

Established form:  Société d'étude et d'expansion de la télévision (Belgium)

Input as:  130 0# T.V. (Société d'étude et d'expansion de la télévision (Belgium))

5.   When a corporate body used as a qualifier contains subordinate hierarchical units, do not add a subfield $b before the subordinate unit.  Leave one space between each part of the hierarchy.

130 0# Professional bulletin (United States. Army. Transportation Corps)

6.   When more than one qualifier is used, separate each with a space-colon-space ( : ).  If one of the qualifiers is "(Series)", give them in separate sets of parentheses.

130 0# Statistiques du commerce extérieur (Instituto Nacional de Estatística (Portugal) : 1989)

130 0# Memoria (Series) (Turin, Italy)

7.   When an edition statement is used as a qualifier, transcribe the statement exactly as it appears in field 250 (i.e., use the same abbreviations, etc.).

130 0# High fidelity (Musical America ed. : 1980)

245 00 High fidelity.

250 ## Musical America ed.

130 0# Blue book contractors register (New York-New Jersey-Connecticut ed.)

245 00 Blue book contractors register.

250 ## New York-New Jersey-Connecticut ed.

8.   When a date is used as a qualifier in the uniform title, use the beginning date of publication from subfield $c of field 260 (or the earliest publication date known), according to LCRI 25.5B.  Do not use the chronological designation or the beginning date in field 008/7-10.

DATES:  1971-9999

130 0# Who's who in the West (Chicago, Ill. : 1970)

260 ## Chicago, Ill. : $b Marquis Who's Who, Inc., $c c1970-

362 0# 12th ed. (1970/1971)-

First indicator - Type of corporate name entry element

The first indicator specifies the number of nonfiling characters to be ignored for sorting purposes.  According to CONSER policy, omit initial articles in formulating uniform title headings and set indicator 1 to value "0".


For serials, the most commonly used subfields, in input order, are:  $a, $n, $p, and $l.

$a  Uniform title.

(The subfield code is not input in OCLC.)  Subfield $a contains the title, common title, or uniform title, and the parenthetical qualifier when present.

130 0# Bankers monthly (1938)

130 0# Podvig (Annual)

130 0# Vernon's city of Sudbury and town of Copper Cliff (Ontario) directory (1960)

130 0# Population reports (Johns Hopkins University. Population Information Program)

130 0# Migration news (Davis, Calif. : Online)

$n  Number of part/section of a work.

130 0# Bulletin. $n Series B (Association of Washington Cities)

130 0# Zeszyty naukowe (Akademia Ekonomiczna w Poznaniu). $n Seria I.

130 0# Annale (University of Stellenbosch). $n Serie A2, $p Soologie.

$p  Name of part/section of a work.

130 0# Statistical bulletin (Bamako, Mali). $p Supplement.

130 0# Population reports (Johns Hopkins University. Population Information Program). $n Series M, $p Special topics.

130 0# Thesaurus musicus (Brussels, Belgium). $p Nova series. $n Série A, $p Manuscrits.

$l  Language of a work.

Input the full name of the language of the serial in hand when that serial is a translation or other language edition.  Do not enclose the language in parentheses.  Use the spelled out name of the language in English.

130 0# Khimii͡a i tekhnologii͡a vody. $l English.

If a qualifier is required according to LCRI 25.5B, add the qualifier at the end of the field.

130 0# Akusticheskiĭ  zhurnal. $l English (Online)

245 10 Acoustical physics $h [electronic resource].

Additional instructions

1.   When the name of the corporate body used as a qualifier in field 130 changes or when the body itself changes, input a new successive entry record.

2.   If the place or other information used in the qualifier changes, do not change the qualifier and do not input a new record.

3.   Reminder:  qualifiers are not placed in separate subfields.

4.   Uniform title headings should not be added to pre-AACR2 records, except on LAC-authenticated records for monographic series which have been reestablished as title proper plus qualifier.

5.   Do not add a uniform title to a partial translation.

245 00 Doklady. $p Physics : $b a journal of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

580 ## A translation of the physics sections of: Doklady Academii͡a nauk, v. 358-

775 1# $t Doklady Academii͡a nauk $x 0869-5652 $w (DLC)  93646040 $w (OCoLC)26002128

Related fields, etc.

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