3.3.1.  General Information

Refer to the appropriate subsection of RDA Section 2 for the preferred source for each data element, as instructions vary.  For example, the preferred source of the publisher name is the same source as the title proper (RDA; while the preferred source of the place of publication is the same source as the publisher's name (RDA  For both data elements (publisher name and place of publication) RDA lists other sources (in order of preference) from which you may take the information if necessary.  (See CCM 3.3.3 following.)

If information required to identify the resource does not appear on the resource itself, supply information from accompanying material, other published descriptions of the resource, a container not considered part of the resource, or any other available source (RDA 2.2.4).

When recording persons, families, and corporate bodies associated with a work or expression, consider also other statements appearing prominently in the resource (RDA 19.1.1(a) and RDA 20.1.1(a)).

Give information that does not appear in the preferred sources of information only when it is essential to the identification of the serial and does not appear elsewhere.  Apply the instructions for each data element to determine where the information will be given in the cataloging record (e.g., 245 or 5XX) and how it will be transcribed.

3.3.2.  Bracketing conventions

RDA 2.2.4 instructs to indicate when information has been supplied for certain transcribed data elements.  It is LC-PCC practice to use square brackets if information is supplied from outside the resource for any of the elements listed in RDA 2.2.4(d), which include:


Statement of responsibility

Edition statement


Publication statement

Series statement

3.3.3  Preferred sources of information

Some transcribed data elements may only be taken from the preferred source; others may be taken from a number of sources, but in a preferred sequence.  A few transcribed elements may taken from any source within the resource.  (When no information can be found within the resource, use one of the other sources of information specified in RDA 2.2.4.)

Record only from the chief source:

Title proper (including alternative titles and part titles)

Parallel titles

Other title information

Preferred order of sources for other types of information given in the description:

Chief source (title page or title page substitute)

Other preliminaries (cover--all parts, including spine, pages preceding the title page, verso of t.p.) and colophon

Other pages (non-text pages such as the contents, editorial pages, volume title page, etc.)

Preface or introduction, letters of transmittal, etc.


Reference sources

See also:

Module 3.  Chief Source and Other Sources of Information