Introduction, Discussion Points, References, and Definitions of Terms

3.1.  Deciding which issue to use (RDA

3.1.1.  Source of description

3.1.2.  Pilot or introductory issues

3.1.3.  Numbers and dates not in sequence

3.2.  Determining the preferred source once the issue has been selected (RDA 2.2.2)

3.2.1.  Title page

a.  A title page is

b.  A title page is not

c.  When in doubt

d.  Series

3.2.2.  Title page substitutes

a.  Analytic title page

b.  Cover

c.  Caption

d.  Masthead

e.  Editorial pages

f.   Colophon

g.  Other pages

3.2.3.  Multiple pages containing the title

a.  Title on facing pages

b.  Title pages in different languages

c.  Multiple works in one issue with no collective title page

3.2.4.  Other types of pages that contain the title

a.  Half title page

b.  Volume title page

3.2.5.  Items lacking a chief source of information

3.3.  Selecting other sources of information once the chief source has been selected (RDA

3.3.1.  General information

3.3.2.  Bracketing conventions

3.3.3.  Preferred sources of information

3.4.  Transcribing information from later issues (AACR2 12.0B1)

3.4.1.  Changes to the description


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