When the title on the chief source appears in two or more languages, one is chosen as the title proper (AACR2 1.1B8; see CCM 6.1.4.c); the remaining titles are parallel titles (AACR2 1.1D1).

6.4.1.  Definition and sources

AACR2 defines a parallel title as:

The title proper in another language and/or script.

In Figure 6.34., two titles are given, one in English and one in Irish.  Since the English title is recorded as the title proper, the Irish title is recorded as the parallel title.


245 00 $a Road accidents, Ireland = $b Timpisti bothair, Eire.



Although a parallel title is usually a one-to-one translation of the title proper, this need not always be the case.  (See also Figure 6.51.)

245 04 $a The European journal of surgery = $b Acta chirurgica.

246 31 $a Act chirurgica

If the title appears in another language on an additional title page, treat the additional title as an " added title page title" ( 246 15).  If the title appears in another language in a source other than a title page or on a later issue, give the title in a note with an added entry.

Do not use the words "parallel title" in the note because such words might not be generally understood.

245 10 $a Report of the Council.

246 1# $i Title appears in French on cover: $a Rapport du Conseil


6.4.2.  Recording parallel titles

Following AACR2 1.1D2, record the first parallel title and any subsequent parallel title given in English.  When recording more than one parallel title, record the titles according to their order as found on the piece (AACR2 1.1D1).  Give an added entry ( 246 31) for each parallel title that is transcribed in the title statement.  Note that there is a separate provision for some serials with a title proper in nonroman script according to AACR2 1.1D2.

In Figure 6.35., the title is given in many languages.  Often on publications such as these the order of titles varies from issue to issue.  This example is even more complex because each title also includes a section title.  If cataloged from this issue the title proper and the parallel titles would be transcribed as:


245 00 $a Transporte de mercancías. $p Vías navegables interiores = $b Godstransport. $p Indre vandveje = Carriage of goods. $p Inland waterways.

246 31 $a Godstransport. $p Indre vandveje

246 31 $a Carriage of goods. $p Inland waterways


6.4.3.  Original title of a translation

When a serial is a translation and the original title also appears on the chief source, apply AACR2 1.1D3:  if all or some of the original text is given in the piece, or if the original title precedes the translation title, treat the original title as a parallel title.

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