When providing a note for a variant title (i.e. second indicator values 2-8 are used), the date associated with the first and/or last occurrence of the variant title may also need to be given.  The date is provided when the variant form does not appear on all of the issues in hand.  For instance, the serial begins in 1987 and in 1989 a variant form of title appears on the cover.  The date is input in subfield $f.  (For further information, see CEG 246 $f.).

246 18 $a U.S.G.S. water resources data. $p Kentucky $f 1983-

May display as:   Spine title: 1983- U.S.G.S. water resources data. Kentucky.

245 00 $a Mednarodni bienale grafike ...

246 14 $a Grafični bienale $f 1983-

246 14 $a Bienale $f 1989

May display as:   Cover title: Grafični bienale, 1983- ; Bienale, 1989.

Do not give dates for variant titles with second indicator values "0" or "1".  A date would not usually be appropriate with a variant title coded as "0" (e.g., section title).  A parallel title that is given in field 246 with second indicator "1" would also be recorded in field 245 , making the date unnecessary.

See also:

Module 7.  Variant Titles and Title Added Entries (Fields 246, 245 and 730/740/700-711)