Introduction, Discussion Points, References, and Definitions of Terms

7.1.  Introduction -- Variant titles (field 246)

7.2.  Types of variant titles

7.2.1.  Variant titles that are a portion or variation of the title statement as already recorded infield 245

a.  Portions of the title proper

b.  Alternative titles

c.  Section titles

d.  At head of title

e.  Parallel titles

f.  Other title information

g. Corrections to the title proper

7.2.2.  Variant titles that appear on the piece in a prominent place other than the chief source

a.  Cover title (246 2nd indicator "4")

b.  Caption title (246 2nd indicator "6")

c.  Spine title (246 2nd indicator "8")

d.  Running title (246 2nd indicator "7")

e.  Added title page title (246 2nd indicator "5")

f.   Distinctive title (246 2nd indicator "2")

g.  Other title (246 2nd indicator "3")

7.2.3.  Variant titles that provide access to different forms of words in titles given in field 245 or 246

a.  Abbreviations

b.  Ampersand (&)

c.  Compound and hyphenate words

d.  Letters and initialisms (including acronyms)

e.  Numbers and dates

f.   Signs and symbols

g.  "Commonly known as" titles

7.2.4.  Variant titles that are minor title changes

7.3.  When to give a date in a variant title

7.4.  Title added entries for the title proper (field 245 1st indicator "1")

7.4.1.  Entry under main entry heading (fields 100, 110, 111, 130)

7.4.2.  Entry under uniform title (field 130) or main entry/uniform title (fields 1XX/240)

7.4.3.  Entry under title proper (field 245)

7.5.  Analytical added entries and related works (fields 730, 740, 700, 710, 711)

7.5.1.  Separately titled sections included within the serial (analytical entries)

7.5.2.  Related works

a.  Supplements and indexes

b.  Other related works

7.5.3.  Author/title added entries that are not given


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